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Bully Reporting Form

Reporting bullying is the responsible thing to do! Students can report bullying to teachers, administrators, the school counselor, or other school staff. One way to report bullying anonymously is to use the form located below. Parents or guardians of students may also report suspected bullying with an administrator or through the online form located on this page. Any teachers or other school staff who witness acts of bullying or who receive student reports of bullying should notify school administrators promptly of such acts. All reports of suspected bullying will remain confidential. An administrator will investigate the receipt of such reports within 24 hours. In the event that the administrator believes there is reason to suspect that bullying has occurred, general student discipline procedures will be followed.

Please note that it is best to speak to our school counselor or an administrator directly to report bullying because it will help us gather the detailed information that we need. If this is something that you feel cannot be reported directly, then please use this anonymous form.