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Charter School Renewal Approved!

The Sussex County Charter School for Technology (SCCST) submitted its Renewal Application on October 15, 2020. The Renewal Process was successful and SCCST was approved for renewal of its Charter through June 30, 2026!

Charter School Renewal Process

The Commissioner of Education initially approves a charter for four years and may renew a charter for a period of five years thereafter. The charter renewal process gives charter school operators an opportunity to present clear and compelling evidence of their achievements over the course of the charter term, and to demonstrate their academic, fiscal and organizational viability. It is also an occasion for charter schools to examine their progress towards meeting their missions, goals, and objectives; to assess their strengths and needs; and to plan their courses for the future. After receiving the renewal application, the NJDOE conducts a site visit and structured interviews with each charter school’s board of trustees, school administrators, teachers, and other school representatives. These interviews and visit are one part of the NJDOE’s comprehensive review of each charter school up for renewal. The Commissioner also evaluates state assessment results, annual reports, the renewal application, monitoring reports, public comments, financial reports, and other relevant evidence, in order to render a decision about the renewal of a charter.

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