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  • Information will continue to be disseminated to families through the Realtime System, district website, and social media (Facebook and Instagram). Following current recommended health protocols, school and district offices will be staffed only by essential employees for critical

Delivery of Virtual and Remote Instruction

  • SCCST currently has 1 grade band, grades 6-8. In this grade band, students are provided with up to 20 hours of learning experiences each week. Within these learning experiences, SCCST staff utilizes multiple different modalities of instructional tools to aid students in their learning, such as videos, virtual meetings, virtual activities, and Staff members are made available each day to assist students in their assignments, whether through email, video, or by phone. This instruction will continue until June 18th, 2020.
  • Remote instruction is meeting the needs of our students with disabilities by adhering to each student’s IEP or 504 plan. Teachers of these students are administering individualized virtual meeting sessions to personally teach the material to this population of students, as Additionally, teachers, administration, and the CST manager are in constant communication with the parent/guardian of the student to ensure all is being done to accommodate them during this difficult time.

Internet Access and Digital Devices

  • SCCST has administered both parent and student surveys to assess the digital divide that exists within our student After these surveys were conducted, SCCST provided those students that either did not have a computer or were sharing a device with others in the home with a personal Chromebook. Additionally, local internet providers have given many students from our sending districts free internet access for the remainder of the year. As such, SCCST has the majority of students with a digital device at home as well as internet services.
  • Only 4 students are without a device and/or internet access. These students are provided with a packet of work equivalent to the workload students online have been These packets are sent to the student’s address every 2 weeks and parents/guardians have been maintaining constant communication with the administration throughout this entire process.


  • If a student is unable to complete work on a particular day, the parent is still responsiblefor notifying the district of the absence. Additionally, student attendance is based on a per class basis. Each teacher is posting assignments daily and students are expected to complete the assignments as they come in. Student attendance is based on participation in guided learning experiences and counts toward promotion, according to district policy.
  • Each day, teachers are sending emails to parents/guardians of students who are not checking into their classes or completing assignments each day. Additionally, the Guidance Counselor, Administration, and CST manager are calling parents and guardians to ensure students are keeping up with the assignments as well as to discuss strategies focused on getting the students back on

Students with Disabilities

  • Any student with special learning needs as identified through an IEP or 504 who cannot participate successfully in remote learning is being provided hard copies of guided learning experiences or alternative curricular assignments where necessary. To address mental health needs, guidance counselors have reached out to those students and established office hours to meet with students
  • Student support services (i.e., OT, PT, speech, CST, counseling, nursing) are being provided remotely where possible. To address mental health needs, guidance counselors have established office hours and outside therapists continue to meet with students
  • Individual special education needs are being addressed by a committee of teachers and CST case managers. A spreadsheet identifying each student’s needs for each content area was created and the committee meets weekly to determine the steps necessary to meet those needs (e.g., 1:1 virtual support from a teacher assistant, staff working with the family to coordinate outside agency support, staff working with parents to navigate the online learning process and help set up a schedule for students to work at home). Case managers are maintaining contact with parents on a regular basis. Parents are being invited to conferenced IEP meetings by mutual
  • ELL students are interacting with language proficient staff regularly. All student learning materials and parent communications are translated appropriately or made accessible using translation

 English Language Learners

  • SCCST does not have any English Language Learners

Safe Delivery of Meals

  • Meal pickup occurs every day of school until the end of the school year, which is June 18th. Meal pickup takes place between 10:30 am to 12:30 Pick up for all meals is at the Sussex County Technical School main office.The lunch table is located outside themain office. A staff member monitors and sanitizes the lunch table. The staff member stays inside while parents approach the table to ensure safe physical distancing of at least six feet. Please contact the district with any individual concerns.There will be no bus delivery all meals must be picked up.


  • SCCST has significantly reduced the number of staff members in the building per day. Additionally, daily cleaning occurs on all touch points, such as door knobs, handles, handrails, sinks, restroom areas, table tops and counters.The protocols that are used during the fall and winter cold and flu seasons and are effective preventive measures in the current situation as a daily best practice. SCCST is administering regular preventative maintenance for building upkeep to ensure our facility is fully

 Summer Programming

  • The district will offer its summer enrichment or remedial services remotely from July 6-30 on Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. SCCST currently has no students enrolled in an ESY
  • The remedial services program for grades 6-8 is being used as a way to improve any skills lost through the obvious hindrances of the virtual learning process, developed from teacher observation and assessment
  • The enrichment program will be used to further skills that students developed, and will be offered as an optional
  • Other in-person summer programs may exist, pending guidance from the

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